We are part of a system created to support substance abuse prevention

The Regional Prevention Coordinators are one provider within a system of support services for people and organizations to engage in addressing the root causes of substance abuse. Together, this system provides the in-person support, information, and data to be effective, save time, implement best practices, and grow substance abuse prevention in more Minnesota communities!

RPCRegional Prevention Coordinators

Working to help you start and grow prevention efforts in your community through personalized support and consultation on:

  • Where to begin
  • Getting the right people to the table
  • Creating a plan
  • Putting the work into action
  • Figuring out what’s working and what’s not


MPRCMinnesota Prevention Resource Center

Providing the information you need by:


SUMNSubstance Use in Minnesota

Providing impactful data to help you make decisions, monitor trends, share data effectively with stakeholders, and establish priorities with your community. This tool:

  • Gives you access to data on the use patterns, consequences, and contributing factors of alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs in Minnesota.
  • Allows you to view this data by topic, location, or demographic categories.
  • Helps you easily create custom charts, maps, or data tables.
  • Provides you with ready-to-use data factsheets, reports, and tip sheets available for download.

This system of three support services is funded by the Minnesota Department of Human Services, Behavioral Health Division. The Regional Prevention Coordinators were established in 2005, Minnesota Prevention Resource Center in 1978, and Substance Use in Minnesota in 2008. Visit their website for more information.


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