The Real Hibbing Thing To Do

The Hibbing Chemical Health Advisory Committee is letting their community show off all the positive, healthy things to do in Hibbing. They are hosting a photo contest involving 100 Things To Do In Hibbing. This effort looks at the community norms and is working to show that most students are making healthy choices. To see more of their community norms campaign, visit

“Pick a number between 1 and 100.

Sixty-three, you say?

“Enjoy the Mesabi Trail,” I say.

Want to try again?

Hmm … 24.

“Decorate room.”

One more try?


“Learn to sail.”

All good options, but what do they mean?

These are just a few of the activities listed on “The Real Hibbing Thing to Do: 100 drug-free activities in Hibbing.” For the 97 other options, see the large graphic on this page.

Generated by Hibbing High School students, the list highlights 100 activities to do in Hibbing and the surrounding area. It is part of the Hibbing Chemical Health Advisory Committee’s (HCHAC) “Real Hibbing Thing to Do” campaign, which focuses on the many healthy, positive activities that are available to local residents.”

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