How do we decide what steps to take?

Create a road map for prevention.

Understand the Problem
  • Coalition Core Essentials – This online course from CADCA offers 10 modules, including problem analysis and logic models.
  • Why? But Why Here? – Use this process to root the issue your community wants to address in the local specifics. Lasting change can be made the more clearly defined the problem is.
Develop a Plan for Community-Wide Change
  • Seven Strategies for Community Change – Prevention is most successful when approached multiple ways. Use this list and the examples provided as you create a comprehensive plan.
  • CADCA Planning Primer – A complete look at developing a theory for community change, a logic model, a strategic plan, and an action plan.
  • The Coalition Impact: Environmental Prevention Strategies – Learn how to examine the context in which substance abuse occurs and how to develop strategies to change it.
  • Mind Tools – offering techniques for creative problem solving, decision making, project & time management, and more.
  • Plan for Sustainability – use these guidelines as a planning tool to consider how to maintain your prevention impact long term.

Would you like assistance developing your plan? Contact us. We are here to help.