Green Isle (Sibley County) Hosts Special Events Responsible Beverage Server Training

On April 15th, 2015 the Sibley East Coalition hosted its first Special Events Responsible Beverage Server Training. This training is offered to organizations and groups who may serve alcohol at special events and not necessarily on a regular basis or in an establishment. The training prepares individuals who may be serving at these events how to keep its youth safe by learning how to read ID’s, how to spot “fake” ID’s and how to serve responsible and to learn the safe practices of not over-serving and refusing service to obviously intoxicated patrons.

There were 13 people who attended he first training and of those in attendance were volunteers from the Green Isle Lions and the Arlington Baseball Board. This training was very well received by the attendee’s and it is expected that an additional training will be held in the future. 5 Members of the Sibley East Coalition, which is funded by a federal block grant through the Minnesota Department of Human Services-Alcohol and Drug Abuse Division, have successfully completed the required training of trainers and are able to provide the Responsible Beverage Server Training for licensed establishments as well as the Special Events Training. This training is currently being offered at no cost to the establishments or its attendee’s. To learn if your community is offering these or similar trainings, please contact your local Regional Prevention Coordinator.

Southwest Minnesota Private Industry Council’s Youth Programs

The Southwest Minnesota Private Industry Council (PIC) Youth Programs is a non-profit organization in SW Minnesota who works with area youth and young adults on college and career readiness through exploration and hands-on opportunities in a 14 County Service Area.

In an effort to promote healthy living and positive choices, the PIC took the time to recognize Alcohol Awareness Month in April, by sending out fact sheets, brochures around alcohol, parent conversation starters surrounding alcohol, risks of underage use as well as the impact of alcohol on current/future employment. 100 participants and their families received the information.

Cedar Mountain School in Renville County, MN implements
Project Northland/Class Action Curriculum in School!

The Project Northland/Class Action Curriculum is an Alcohol Prevention Curriculum for Middle & High School Students. The Curriculum was developed by Hazelden and has core components of peer leaders, and parent involvement. If you Are interested in learning more about the curriculum, please contact your local Regional Prevention Coordinator.

Social Worker Paula Sturm, is in the 3rd week of teaching the evidenced based curriculum, Slick Tracy to 6th graders at Cedar Mountain School. Slick Tracy, part of the Project Northland series, uses peer leaders, family-friendly comic books, a poster fair, and popular art to prevent alcohol use among sixth graders. Paula is a member of the RAPAD Coalition in Renville County which is a Drug Free Communities Coalition that addresses underage substance use.

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