Changes in the Community due to the P&I grant

by Tammie Doebler

  • Changes in cooperation/collaboration: since the implementation of our grant, several changes have been made in the judicial system, city/county ordinances have been passed, compliance checks are done on a regular basis, several beverage servers have had training on responsible alcohol sales. Parents are signing up in the safe homes directory and signing up for monthly newsletters and other ATOD updates, the RCPC is often contacted for comments for radio/newspaper stories about ATOD use, RCPC is asked to be a featured speaker at numerous events, including statewide presentations. Conversations are taking place, people are talking about and noticing the RCPC.
  • New or improved local laws, ordinances, policies in support of ATOD prevention efforts: Alcohol offenses are handled more seriously. Even first offenders of alcohol-related crimes are sent before the Judge instead of diversion. Ordinances are in place regarding compliance check failures and consequences. ZAPS has now become part of regular police work in Roseau County. ZAPS is being taught to new officers by the county attorney and their department heads.
  • The local agencies and some community members of Roseau were ready to combat underage ATOD, but were not sure how to begin the process. Different agencies were interested but didn’t have the time them selves to start the program. Each agency was working individually to do what they could in prevention. The grant allowed the county to be able hire people in charge of pulling all of the local agencies, civic groups, community members and area youth together to share resources. The projects and changes in the community have been incredible. For example, Administrative fee policies have been changed in Roseau County, the city of Roseau and the city of Greenbush. These would never have happened with out the grant. It has started the coalition on a path that they are excited to continue down.

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